Video Of Solo Piano Music, Coldplay Song ‘Yellow’

video of solo piano music coldplay song yellow

This is a solo piano version of Coldplay’s hit ‘Yellow’. The transcription is based on the Classic FM ‘Songs Without Words’ album version. In 2000, Coldplay co-produced and released the song ‘Yellow’ for their debut album. The original has various instruments in addition to piano. The song did very well on the charts, reaching #4 on the British Singles Chart. This is the song that generated a lot of excitement for Coldplay and rocketed their career forward. ‘Yellow’ continues to be one of Coldplay’s most popular hit songs.

I am often asked how long it takes for a beginning piano student to be able to play a particular piece of music. This varies greatly, depending on the complexity of the piano arrangement. It’s always possible to take a song and re-arrange it to suit a more beginning student. If piano lessons include instruction on playing by ear, learning theory, and playing blues improvisation, the learning process can often be speeded up. These skills can greatly increase a student’s ability to read music.