Video Cole Porter Song Night and Day - Jazz Piano Solo

Here is a really nice version of the very popular song, ‘Night and Day’ by Cole Porter, performed by Alfonso Gugliucci. Porter was inspired to write the song during a trip to Morocco in 1932. It’s one of his most famous compositions. Porter performed the song in several Hollywood movies, and it has been recorded by countless artists.

Cole Albert Porter (June 9, 1891 – October 15, 1964) wrote many popular songs during his career. He was born in Peru, Indiana. Porter began his music training early. He began piano lessons when he was eight. He wrote his first piece at the age of ten.

Porter wrote 300 songs while he was at school at Yale. Upon graduating, Porter began his law studies at Harvard Law School. Realizing that he did not wish to be an attorney, he switched to studies to music. In 1915, his first Broadway song was an immediate success.

In 1917, At the start of World War I, Porter moved to Paris. He worked to distribute relief supplies for several months. There is some documentation that he may have served in the French Foreign Legion in North Africa. While there, he had a special portable piano constructed so he could carry it with him and entertain troops while on bivouac.

On October 24, 1937, the horse that Porter was riding, fell down on top of him, crushing his legs. He was left crippled and in agonizing pain. His doctors insisted on amputating at least one and possibly both his legs, but Porter refused the procedure. He later underwent more than 30 surgeries, and during the remainder of his life, was beset by pain and depression.

Cole Porter performed exclusively on a Steinway piano and owned one. His piano currently resides in the lobby of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City