Video - Keith Jarrett - I Loves You Porgy Piano Solo Tokyo 1984

Keith Jarrett playing a haunting performance of George Gershwin’s ballad “I Loves You Porgy”. This performance is from his album Keith Jarrett – Solo Tribute: The 100th Performance in Japan (1987). Keith Jarrett, well known for his gorgeous intricate harmonies, is considered by many to be the best jazz pianist in the world.

Keith Jarrett is an American jazz and classical pianist and composer. Before the age of three, he was already taking piano lessons. By five, he was already performing on TV. As a youngster Jarrett displayed a great deal of talent. His first piano recital included several of his own original pieces, as well as Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart.

In his long and fabulously successful career, Jarrett has performed and recorded with many famous musicians worldwide. Jarrett is well known for his extraordinary original jazz solo pieces, as well as trio work, and classical recordings. His piano and keyboard virtuosity is unparalleled in the world of jazz, and he has become a legend in the jazz world. His performances are a sight to behold, throwing himself into the music in his own world. His music is complex and deep, and generally appeals to the more trained ear. Jarrett’s recordings blend themes from jazz, blues, gospel, and folk music. His music has been described as stunning, remarkable, and breathtaking. Keith Jarrett remains one of the most powerful and original American jazz pianists and composers of all time.

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