Learn to Play Great Piano & Keyboards - Children & Adults - Portland Oregon

adult play pianoGetting started with piano or keyboards lessons might be something you have been thinking about for a long time. The quickest and best way to get started is with private, individual lessons. You will learn everything you’ll need to know to become a proficient piano player. Reading music is not such a mystery when you have all the parts broken down in a simple, easy to understand progression. You can learn to play classical, pop, new age, folk, blues and more.

Playing the music you enjoy will speed up the learning process and give you a real sense of accomplishment. Do whatever you want with your music. Learn to enjoy your playing simply for yourself; or get the skills to play music with your friends. Maybe you’d like to try some beginning blues improvisation, so you can play by ear. It’s essential to find a piano teacher that will make your lessons special and help you learn at a pace that you feel comfortable with. Students who are excited and inspired learn faster.

Lessons for children or adults can begin at any age. Relax and enjoy the lessons. You will be surprised at how quickly you will pick up the basics and start playing songs. Express yourself by learning to play the piano.

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