Video - Boogie Woogie Blues Piano by Silvan Zingg

Here’s a video of Silvan Zingg and his band playing his composition “Silvan’s Night Train Trip”. Enzo Muci is on Bass and Michel Denis on drums. This is a very typical Boogie Woogie style. Silvan Zingg is a Swiss pianist, specializing in Boogie Woogie, Blues and Jazz. In 2002 he created the International Boogie Woogie festival located in Lugano, Switzerland. Zingg was born in a musical family and was already playing piano before he started school. He has performed all over the world, having given his first concert at the age of 18. He has performed with Ray Charles, Chuck Berry, B.B.King, Michel Petrucciani, and many other artists.

Blues Piano is very popular today. At my piano lessons studio, here in Portland, many of my students love learning to play Blues Piano. Students who have basic reading and playing skills can learn to play Blues on piano or keyboard. We start with the basics of a 12 bar blues, the chord progression and the blues scale. Although there is sheet music of blues songs, our focus is to learn to play blues completely by ear. We do this by listening to blues, working on developing good melodies and rhythmic elements, and trying out different improvisational techniques. I provide all the direction. Students only need to play and have fun. Blues can be played on either an acoustic piano or keyboard. Compared to the time it takes to master classical music, players can start sounding very good playing blues in much less time.

There are many styles of Blues Piano, including Boogie Woogie, Swing, Jazz, R&B, Rock and Roll, New Orleans, Barrelhouse, and Chicago. Most blues is played in a 12 bar pattern, although there are variations using 16 bars and even styles of blues waltz in 3/4 time.

Here are some well known traditional blues artists:

Albert Ammons
Leroy Carr
Ray Charles
James Crutchfield
Charles “Cow Cow” Davenport
Blind John Davis
Fats Domino
Champion Jack Dupree
Cecil Gant
Dr John
Henry Gray

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