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Recording music is something that students love to do (especially my younger students). See how a recording studio works. Complete all the stages in recording a song; composing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, burning a CD or making a video.

We collaborate in composing music or scoring a soundtrack to a video. Using a keyboard, computer, and software, we can create amazing sounding music, just like it’s done in recording studios. Songs can be original or sheet music that we are working on. Students can focus on the creative process while the teacher runs the software. As students play, note instantly appear as sheet music on the computer screen.

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The song is built one track at a time. We first choose the kind of instruments we want for a song. Then each track is played one at a time, building an arrangement. We might use piano, bass, guitar, strings, synthesizer, wind instruments, brass, drums, sound effects to complete a song. Then we edit the tracks for better timing and uniformity.

Mixing involves overall spacing of the instruments and volume settings. Once the piece sounds almost complete, we ad the final mastering technique of adding EQ, reverb, compression, etc. This smoothes out the sound. Finally, we transfer the song from a multitrack recording, to a two track stereo version.

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Lastly, we ‘normalize’ the recording, making sure the volume is set high enough. The final steps is burning a CD. Recording music is a fabulous way to get students completely engaged in learning to play piano. It provides the missing link by demonstrating why we might want to learn to play piano and keyboards. The instantaneous visual and sound display is invaluable in making music and rhythm concepts easy to understand. 

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Students quickly feel confident in their new abilities. The whole process is just so much fun, and the results are impressive. Kids who have completed the entire process and have a finished CD, video, or recording, to show their family and friends, really feel a sense of accomplishment.

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