“Wonderful, fun lessons for my child. Patient, experienced teacher.‎ Fun lessons. My daughter has been studying piano here for over two years. She loves the lessons and is fascinated with music. She learns to read music, and does theory, chords, melodies, composing music. Her teacher gives her lots of encouragement.

She takes pride in what she has accomplished. We spent time interviewing potential teachers here in Portland. This teacher had the experience, patience, and relaxed teaching method that was a perfect match for us. Our daughter looks forward to piano lessons every week, and that is just what we wanted.” – W. Houser‎‎ 

My kids really enjoy these piano lessons here. Their instructor is a very talented educator. The lessons are wonderful and my children are learning so many great things on piano. My 8 year old girl loves the classical and new age pieces. My son, 9 loves to play ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Lion Sleeps’ and is composing music and make recordings of what he is done. The lessons are much more than just piano lessons. They are a complete music education.

They learn about the history of the piano, music in the current world, all about recording studios, how to play music with other kids. This is the one activity outside of school that they truly enjoy, and I want to take advantage of that interest.” ‎ – J. Kern‎

“Our children love playing the piano. They are rapidly acquiring new skill. I am proud of them. My children are 5 and 7, and are learning quickly. They are quite enthusiastic about playing piano and we are very satisfied with our piano teacher. He is very good at inspiring and praising and them. He’s so patient with them. They often get fresh, new, interesting music, and this keeps them moving forward. This piano teacher makes learning easy and fun.

He encourages them and supportive when they get stuck. It’s particularly rewarding to watch them develop a sense of accomplishment with their progress. They read music, play by ear, and do lots of recording projects that they love. Coming over to lessons each week is a family outing and something we love doing together.” – A. Manew‎

“He’s great with my kids. We are so thrilled at finding this teacher. Our kids really like going to their lessons, and always leave happy and inspired about music. The love playing both the piano and the keyboard. They are quickly gaining skills and confidence, and their progress is excellent. The other day, some of my friends remarked how nicely they play.

Both my son and daughter like the music they get, and especially like to record what they have learned. We have recordings and videos of them playing at the studio, and it’s a great thing to email their grandparents who live far away. I looked around for just the right teacher for them, and I’m pleased with my choice.” – P. Stevens‎

“My son’s piano teacher is a fabulous. He is the best I could find, anywhere in Portland. He is patient, supportive, and makes the lessons an adventure in music. My son always leaves energized about music. The lessons are fun. My son is making excellent, rapid progress. And my son loves taking lessons and playing his songs. He gets to learn to do all kinds of things, in addition to reading music. The lessons are exciting and inspiring.

I wish Public school could be like this! He is learning to play by ear, and loves making soundtracks with all kinds of instruments, just like in a professional recording studio. Si in addition to music, he is getting a complete music education. This is important to me because I think it’s essential to his education. I am completely happy with the piano lessons and am so pleased we found this teacher.” – T. S. Morris‎

“Super piano lessons. Very patient & supportive teacher.‎ I am very happy with this teacher. My 9 year old son really enjoys his lessons. His teacher is extremely competent and the results we see are excellent. He makes the lessons fun, has a great sense of humor, and gets my son to move forward by challenging him in a supportive way. I looked into lessons with other teachers, but their lessons looked so boring.

Here, my son gets to learn to read all kinds of fun music, learns how to play by ear, and gets to record music at the studio. He loves making soundtracks with piano, bass, drums, flute, and all sorts of other instruments. He just completed making a CD, which he is so proud of. I am very happy with the piano lessons. He is the best piano teacher.” – Charles Bradley‎

“My kids really love taking piano and keyboard lessons. Their teacher is just great! My kids, 7 and 9, have lots of fun playing piano at home. We’ve been doing lessons here for almost 3 years. It is so pleasing for the children to have such a positive thing to do. They play duets together, and get to try music from all around the world.

They also are creating their own CS’s and writing their own pieces. Their teacher does a great job encouraging them. I like the new skills that my children are learning, especially being challenged, working hard at something, and not quitting. They are learning skills that will help them with other challenges in life. The piano lessons really inspire them.” – Bette Parker‎

“We’re very happy with their teacher. My kids are excited about piano lessons. They really love playing. He makes the lessons interesting and fun at the same time. They are learning to read music, play by ear, compose music, make CD recordings. They are having a great time. They do lots of fun stuff to keep them engaged. I’m totally pleased with their progress.

Music education is important to a child’s development. Many studies show that playing piano improves children’s overall performance in school. We can readily see this. I want my kids to have the best education they can.” ‎- karykannes‎

“What a terrific teacher, he’s very skilled at working with kids. He really connects with our son, and this make a big difference in how engaged he is with the lessons and practicing. My son is getting a really good piano and music education. His teacher is really patient, and gives him of encouragement. My son loves to play and write some of his own songs.

We like listening to him at home. Glad he didn’t choose the drums! He is progressing rapidly. He gets to do lots of fun musical projects, composing his own music and recording the songs onto a CD. We had considered lessons for quite a while. We are so happy that we finally got started.” – M. Wentwourth 

“A fun way to learn to play piano. My kids love playing the piano.‎ It’s really important to find right teacher for your kids. They will likely be taking lessons for a number of years. We did quite a bit of research and interviewed several teachers. This was the perfect arrangement. Best qualified teacher, great reviews, years of experience.

My kids love taking lessons. Progressing quickly, and learning fast. They like practicing, their teacher is cool, super patient, and really knows how to relate to kids. He does a great job working with my kids. They get fun music to play, and stay motivated. We are so happy with the piano lessons.” – F. Arlise‎ 

“Great teacher. The lessons are fun and interesting. My son loves taking piano lessons here. He plays fun music, all kinds, Star Wars, Mission Impossible, Ode To Joy. He enjoys playing his music at home, and going to lessons. His teacher treats him like a fellow Musician, and this makes him a very attentive kid. I had tried another teacher, but the lessons were boring and my son didn’t get fun music to play.

Really glad we found this teacher. He knows how to relate to kids. He’s very experience as a teacher and is just great with kids. He challenges my son to move forward, he also praises his effort. I am totally pleased with piano lessons here.” – hondadriver‎


Norm Zarr

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