Video - Norah Jones on Piano Playing Sunrise - Live from Amsterdam

A great video of Norah Jones and her band playing “Sunrise” live from Amsterdam in 2007. Norah plays piano and sings.

Norah Jones is one of the most celebrated and accomplished artists of the day. Famous for her lovely voice and wonderful piano playing, her recordings have made her and overnight sensation. Billboard magazine named her the top Jazz artist for the 2000-2009 decade.

Jones started her professional singing career in 2002, and immediately she was recognized as an extremely talented singer and performer. She started singing in church and taking piano lessons as a child. Norah Jones sang in the High School choir and joined a band. At the University of North Texas, she studied jazz piano and sang with the UNT Jazz Singers group. She then returned to New York City and started a band with Jesse Harris, whom she had begun collaborating with. Her music has been greatly influenced by Billie Holiday and Bill Evans. Norah Jones also writes songs, plays guitar, and has acted in several movies.

Some of most popular songs are:
The Nearness of You
Don’t Know Why
Don’t Miss You at All
I Think It’s Going to Rain Today
Sinkin’ Soon
Cry Me a River

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